Tapered Nylon Leader – Salmon 0,40 mm – 15 ft – 5 pc

79.00 kr


Length – 15 ft

Butt diameter – 0,68 mm

Tip diameter – 0,40 mm

Quantity – 5 pc

For all types of double-handed fly rods

The perfect equipment for the scandinavian speycast needs a balanced leader. The leader has many purposes: it anchors the fly line when you cast the line, it presents the fly and it must be reliable when you are hooking and fighting a fish. Our tapered leader is 15 ft long for full control when you anchor the fly line, it has a long heavy butt for perfect turnover of every type of flies and it is strong and persistent.

It is no problem to reduce or extend the length of the leader, if you need so. A standard recommendation for Scandinavian Spey casting is that the length of the leader should be (at least) the same as the length of the fly rod.

Price shown is for five tapered nylon leaders. Fly not included.

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Weight 40 g