Fly rods

High-quality components and a light blank for accurate presentation and distance.

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Our range of fly rods consists of the following:

Hercules #9 – 9 ft
When you are after large fish such as salmon, pike and tarpon. This is the fly rod to use when you need to control heavy fly lines and deliver heavy flies.
Hurricane #8 – 9 ft
For saltwater fishing for sea trout Hurricane # 8 is the best choice. This fast action fly rod delivers in all conditions and weather, even in windy conditions.
March Brown #6 – 9 ft
An excellent allround fly rod for most fly fishing for trout, rainbow trout, greyling, char etc in lakes and streams.
Nymph Classic #3/4 – 10 ft
With this long and light fly rod, you will cover large areas of water and controll the fly line in order to get an effective dead-drift presentation of the nymph.
Brook trout #2/3 – 7,6 ft
A ultra light fly rod for fishing with tiny flies. A great fly rod when fly fishing in small streams and creeks and delicate presentation is the most important factor.