Fly fishing vest – Universal

449.00 kr



Size – Universal

Pockets – 20 pc (Which five are lined)

Weight – About 0,6 kg

This fly fishing vest is universal in many ways. Firstly, it fits almost all. Thanks to four adjustable buckles, you can adjust the size so it suits you, no matter how much or how little clothes you have under the vest. Secondly, thanks to a total of 20 pockets of different sizes allows you to bring all the necessary things you need for your fishing trip. Five of these pockets are lined, providing extra protection for sensitive items such as sunglasses, cell phone, etc.. In addition, a variety of D-rings allow you to attach all sorts of gadgets on the vest. Thirdly, thanks to its low weight (about 6 hg), you hardly feel the vest at all during long days of fishing. Gone are the heavy, rain-soaked fly fishing vests that put a lot of weight on the back and shoulders.

This was three advantages of fly fishing vest Universal, you will surely find more.

Additional information

Weight 400 g